CFOs: Architects of Change

Boris Liedtke, Distinguished Executive Fellow, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute
“Equipping CFOs for a digital future”

CFOs – Connecting to a Digital Future

Moderator: Joseph Alfred, ACCA, Head of Policy

Digital labor: Terminator or Iron Man?

Beyond just cost savings, savvy CFOs should look to next-generation automation as a way to help the business make better decisions.

CFOs and The Power of Collaboration

Harnessing and fostering productive collaboration in and outside the organization.

Cybersecurity and the CFO

CFOs today are increasingly tasked to take on more responsibility for cyber defense strategies.

Unlocking the value of data for the 21st century enterprise

Ask any CFO if his or her role has changed in recent years, and you’ll likely hear the same answer: Yes, in more ways than one.

Panel discussion: Robotic Cognitive Automation (RCA) – virtual workhorses of the future finance Department?

Future of Finance in a Robotic World
Joseph Alfred, ACCA, Head of Policy

Technology at the workplace from a multi-generational perspective

Vinika Rao, Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute
“Future of Finance in a Robotic World”

The future of shared services and BPO in the light of RPA

Timothy Ho, Consulting SEA, Finance Transformation Lead
“Future of Finance in a Robotic World”